“In My Mind”

Drum machine pop. Done in my Cambridge closet, on Tape.

“Come On”

I love how raw and live this recording is.  Dave Kiswiney recorded it in a church in Gloucester Massachusetts.

Larry Palmer on Guitar, Terry Breeze on Drums, Dave Kiswiney on Bass and me on piano/vocal

“Because I Love You”

I remember; I was in the Choir loft in the Blue Church in Gloucester where I lived at the time.  I had a guitar in hand and I wanted to tell about real true love.  I thought the test of true love is if the person you love doesn’t love you so you understand and let your love go.


1976 or so. This was recorded live in the Blue Church in Gloucester.  Dave Kiswiney on bass, Larry Palmer on guitar and Terry Breeze on Drums. Read the rest of this entry